Thursday, 29 March 2018

this is the beginning of my blogging days and like many hobbies I try to have, I doubt this will last anymore than 2 weeks. But if by some miraculous change it does and I continue this hobby on for longer it will always be nice to look back (an probably cringe) on this initial post. 
I guess I should say a little about myself so that my posts make a little more sense. 
I have recently turned 20. I'm at university in Australia, even though I grew up in the U.K. I'm making a comic book sort of thing with the same title as this blog and I wake up everyday questioning whether anxiety or depression will take over for the day or if I am able to live my life. What else? I guess I'm vegetarian, something I was brought up doing, dabbled with veganism but found that in my university life, it was impractical so instead I try to eat as little dairy as possible. Honestly, I hate talking about that sort of thing. I have an opinion on how people ought to eat but I'm far too much of a narcissist to particularly care what others do with their food choices. 
I'm currently very single but have little to no motivation to remedy that. Occasionally I will get some sudden inspiration and focus on the next love of my life but considering as I've been on this planet for 20 years and haven't even attempted entering a relationship shows that I would rather friends then romantic  friends. 
I hate talking about politics and getting into heated debates. To me they're more a reflection of one's character and I'd rather not reveal that much about myself.
I tend to complain a lot. I think that's partly the British side coming through. 
I can no longer drink because I'm on some medication. I'm excited about the money I'll save from this.
I really don't know what else to say about myself. For once, I am lost for words.  
I guess here it is, here is the start of my blogging. 
We shall see if it actually continues or if I quickly loose interest. 
I'm not sure how to sign this off. 
See you later I guess.

Unkown xx