Friday, 27 April 2018

Suburbs and old fashioned ideas

Recently I was in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. I was surrounded by a loving and caring family. They were all very nice and easy to talk to.
However…..Comments they made were unbelievably racist, homophobic and sexist. I was stunned.
These people would make these comments completely off hand like they were normal everyday words.  There was no respect for the history of them. I genuinely couldn’t understand it.
I then looked at the kind of culture they surrounded themselves with in a pathetic attempt to blame their language on that. While they play video games that use similar language they do and listen to songs that really hammer home the message that some people have more power than others.  I couldn’t help but get confused by the fact that most westerners around surrounded by these sources of entertainment and yet have the ability to not be racist, homophobic or sexist. They understand that for just because something is said in a entertainment context, doesn’t mean that it should ever be uttered in real life contexts.
I’ve never found this in the cities I’ve lived in. Of course, I’m not blind, there are disgusting mentalities around the world but they seem far more frowned upon in cities. Why? Is it because in cities there is more diversity and therefore more acceptance that language has vital meaning behind it and visibility of groups discourages use of certain language. This led me to the conclusion that perhaps that suburbs are the breeding ground for old mentalities.
But is this a chicken and an egg situation? Do people stay or move to the suburbs because they have these old-fashioned mentalities or do they get these ideas here? Does the close mindedness of the  suburbs stem from the remoteness of the physical location?
I don’t understand these people. I just don't get it and the scariest part of the entire situation is that this mentality is on the rise. Politically speaking, these people hold a lot of power and events in the world, this has clearly shown. 
Has tolerance not yet spread?  

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